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How to Edit Sub Site Menu

Select “Menus” on the Home page of your sub site

You can edit your sub menu navigation by going to the homepage of your sub site. From the homepage of your sub site, you will see a “Menus” tab click on menus.

Menu Training

Sub site Menus

Name of the menu will appear



Under the “Operations” column click on the triangle and select “Edit Menu”

Menu Training _edit

Drag and drop menu will appear

You can either move the existing menus up or down. Moving the menu item to the right creates a child menu under the parent menu, in other words, a dropdown.

Menu_training_drag and drop

Adding a new menu link title

Click on “Add Link”

  • Menu Link Title- Name of the link

  • Link- Is the URL for the page
    • In D8 you start typing the title of a piece of content to select it
    • Add node
    • Copy and paste URL

Menu_training title


Menu item will appear in the drag and drop area.

Last Updated: 08/09/2023 13:02