CCNY Shepard Hall

Submitting events to the CCNY calendar

Events submitted to the website are subject to a 2-3 day window for review.


In the Admin toolbar, click on Add Content and click Event.

Calendar of event on how to add event

Title: Name of event

Date and time when the event begins
End: Date and time when the event ends

Admission Fee: Providing information on event cost

Website: Users will have a URL link for more information

Basic general information when entering events



Providing location, room number, and a primary contact number

Adding events to calendar location

Checking off which section your event belongs to
Group: Adding an event to a departmental calendar

Adding calendar to events and using the categorization


Click on “Add Content” and select “Text” from the pop-up and enter information

Add eventPopup


The event will get approved from the Office of Institutional Advancement and Communications.

Last Updated: 01/09/2020 15:43