Alessandro Mercado

Alessandro Mercado

May 10th, 2021

Ephraim & Libby Banks Scholarship Recipient

Class of 2021


Student Biography


            My name is Alessandro Mercado, a graduating senior majoring in Biology at CUNY City College of New York. I am a proud member of the City College Honors Program, City College Pre-Med Program and the City College Academy for Professional Preparation (CCAPP). I am determined to become a doctor and go to medical school after graduating City College in 2021. With this goal in mind, I am always learning from my experiences and mistakes and pushing myself to be better each day. Throughout my past three years at City College, I have engaged in a multitude of activities and opportunities that have helped me to grow and develop. These experiences range widely from part-time employment to laboratory research, campus clubs and leadership roles. Many of these experiences I am still engaged in currently, and plan to continue until my graduation.

As a Biology major, I conduct neuroscience research on the model organism C. elegans (a non-parasitic nematode) alongside Dr. Christine Li, to learn more about the genetic regulation of Alzheimer’s Disease. I love conducting laboratory research because it allows me to further connect my academic classes to practical application in the modern world. I have recently presented in the CCNY City Honors and Independent Study Symposium in early April, and the CSTEP/STEP Annual Expo in mid-April. I am very outgoing and desire to help others live their best lives and achieve their full potential, which helps me in my Resident Assistant (RA) position at The Towers at CCNY Residence Hall. As an RA, I host a variety of social and educational programs for my residents, execute proper emergency response and counseling protocols, and assist with all issues my residents have with social, academic, or personal life. As a First-Generation Filipino American, I have been a part of the on-campus club the Philippine American Organization (PAO) at City College. My sophomore year I was Vice President, and my junior year I was Treasurer of PAO. This year I am the club’s Executive Advisor. I enjoy staying in tune with my Filipino roots as I navigate the new foundation my parents have laid for me after emigrating from the Philippines. All these experiences, in addition with the programs I am a part of at City College have made me who I am today and will continue to shape me moving forward. I am excited to see what the future holds for me, and I will always be looking to improve myself for my future self, and for others.



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