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Declaring a Biology major


Declaring a Biology major

In order for a student to declare a biology major, they must first complete the following required courses with a 'C' grade or better:

  • Biology 10100
  • Biology 10200
  • Chemistry 10301
  • Chemistry 10401
  • Math 201 OR Math 205

Once you have completed those courses, please follow these steps in this order:

1) Fill out the following google form:

2) Fill out the Biology Major Advising form using Microsoft Word. Save this form because you will be updating it every semester until you graduate. (It will also be used as your Biology Major grad check when it's time to graduate). Do NOT fill it out with pen, pencil, etc! Fill out both left and right sides of the form. The right side of the form includes a "Course Plan" -- a plan for you to graduate. You must include, semester-by-semester, ALL courses you have taken at CCNY, all courses you are currently taken, and all courses you are planning to take up to graduation. You can ALWAYS change your plan, as certain courses may not be offered, new courses may be offered, you may decide to take different electives, or you decide to take your courses in a different order. You can change your plan, but YOU MUST HAVE A PLAN THAT FULFILLS BOTH THE CCNY AND BIOLOGY MAJOR REQUIREMENTS. The second page of the form lists the requirements for the Major, as well as the electives that are offered frequently and their prerequisites.

3)Email this saved form to Dr. Yevgeniy Grigoryev at by Registrar’s declaration date. Make sure to include your full name, email, and EMPL ID.1) F