Declaring a Biology major

You can declare the Biology Major only if you have COMPLETED the following courses (or their equivalents): Biology 10100, 10200. Chemistry 10301, 10401. Math 20100 or 20500 with a 'C' grade or higher.

 Note: those students who have completed 60 credits and must declare a major but have not completed all the REQUIRED courses (Bio 101/102, Chem 103/104, Math 201 or 205) should see student advising at CCAPP in order to declare. 

 Declaration Instructions (you need to complete all the indicated steps in order to declare): 

 Step 1: Fill out the following google form: 

 Step 2: Apply for Biology Major through the iDeclare Portal:


·      Dr. Grigoyev will review your application in iDeclare and if everything looks good, he will approve your Major Declaration, which will then be processed by the Registrar. Students must submit their declaration by the declaration deadline (end of the month before the advising period starts). Students who submit their declarations after the advisement period starts will not be assigned a Biology advisor until the next cycle and will have to be advised by CCAPP.


·      Upon declaring the Biology major, each new major is assigned a permanent faculty advisor. The advisor is a full-time member of the Biology faculty who will assist the major until they graduate. The professor will review the student's classes, advise them on their progress through the curriculum and approve them for graduation.   


·      Every semester, Biology majors are required to meet with their advisors for registration. They are encouraged to meet with them more frequently. Students should bring completed major forms to each appointment with their advisor.




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