Department of Biology Colloquium

2019 Fall Biology Colloquium

Department of Biology Fall 2019 Colloquium series

All seminars meet in Marshak Room 801 at 1pm

Sept. 9

Dr. Maria Duik-Wasser, Columbia University, Hosted by Dr. Hickerson

Ticks and tick-borne diseases: a coupled natural-human system

Sept. 16

Dr. Orie Shafer, Advanced Science Research Center, The Graduate Center, Hosted by Dr. Govind

Flies Time: The Neurobiology of Circadian Timekeeping and Entrainment in Drosophila

Sept. 23

Dr. Uzma Hassan, Centre International de Recherche en Infectiologie, Hosted by Dr. Vuong

Innate immunity in cancer

Oct. 7

Dr. Cesar Arenas-Mena, College of Staten Island CUNY, hosted by Dr. Grigoryev

Genome-wide deciphering of developmental gene regulation

Oct. 16

Dr. Livia Bayer, Hunter College CUNY, Hosted by Dr. Govind

Regulation of a messenger: raising oskar, it takes a village

Oct. 21

Dr. Patrizia Casaccia, Advanced Science Research Center, The Graduate Center, Hosted by Dr. Grigoryev

How oligodendrocyte progenitors sense time and space and shape behavior

Oct. 28

Dr. Francesco Lotti, Motor Neuron Center, Columbia University Medical Center, Hosted by Dr. Rodriguez-Conteras

Mechanisms of Axon Degeneration and Neuroprotection in Chemotherapy-induced Peripheral Neuropathy

Nov. 4

Dr. Linda Spatz, School of Medicine CUNY, Hosted by Dr. Govind

Structure, function, and pathogenicity of anti-viral antibodies that cross-react with dsDNA

Nov. 11

Dr. Yasha Feferholtz, EcoHealth Alliance, Hosted by Dr. Carnaval

Saving forests can save your life: The economics of conservation and human health

Nov. 18

Dr. Ariadna Morales, American Museum of Natural History, Hosted by Dr. Hickerson

Convergent evolution and local adaptation in the most species-rich genus of bats, Myotis

Nov. 25

Dr. Sara Oppenheim, American Museum of Natural History, Hosted by Dr. Govind

Avoiding the streetlight effect in comparative analyses of lepidopteran diet breadth

Dec. 2

Dr. Juan Carlos Santos, St. Johns University, Hosted by Dr. Carnaval

Complex Phenotypes, Transcriptomics and Biodiversity of Poison Frogs and Lizards in a Changing World

Dec. 9

Rebecca Moore, Princeton University, Hosted by Dr. Govind

Transgenerational inheritance of learned pathogen avoidence