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Department of Biology Colloquium


Department of Biology Colloquium


Department of Biology SPRING 2019 BIOLOGY COLLOQUIUM

All seminars meet in Marshak Room 801 at 1pm

February 4: Dr. Ivan Milenkovic, University of Leipzig, Hosted by Dr. Rodriguez-Contreras, Modulation of neuronal activity by ATP, GABA and glycine in the auditory brainstem circuit

February 11: Dr. Amy Ikui, Brooklyn College, CUNY, Hosted by Dr. Govind, Cell Cycle Regulation in last eukaryotic common ancestor

February 25: Dr. Arianna Maffei, Stony Brook University, Hosted by Dr. Rodriguez-Contreras, Circuit mechanisms for learning in sensory cortex

March 4: Dr. Angelo Soto-Centeno, University of Rutgers-Newark, Hosted by Dr. Hickerson, Trends of extinction susceptibility in insular Caribbean bats

March 11: Dr. Phillip P.A. Staniczenko, Brooklyn College CUNY, Hosted by Dr. Govind, Predictive community ecology: putting networks to work

March 18: Dr. Piya Ghose, Rockefeller University, Hosted by Dr. Li, One cell, many deaths: Orchestrating cell demise in morphologically complex cells

March 25: Dr. Carlos Zambrana-Torrelio, EcoHealth Alliance, Hosted by Dr. Anderson, Title: TBA

April 1: Dr. Deren Eaton, Columbia University, Hosted by Dr. Hickerson, Title: TBA

April 8: Dr. Joseph Sun, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Hosted by Dr. Vuong, NK cell responses to infection

April 15: Collaborative seminar with Women in Science guest speaker. Speaker TBA.

April 29: Dr. Douglas Vetter, University Mississippi, Hosted by Dr. Rodriguez-Contreras, Cochlear signaling systems modulating susceptibility to noise-induced hearing loss-Where lions, tigers and bears meet Sleeping Beauty

May 6: Dr. Marilyn Gunner, City College of New York, CUNY, Hosted by Dr. Levitt, Title: TBA

May 13: Dr. Stephanie Wohl, College of Optometry, SUNY, Hosted by Dr. Levitt, The role of microRNAs in Muller glia function