Award Winners 2020-2021

The Ward Medal- to the student with the best overall record in his/her Biology courses. Both grades received and number of courses taken will be considered in the selections of recipients.

To be split between Mary Attaway and Tzippora Chwat 


The Professor William Stratford Prize- to the student demonstrating the greatest proficiency in both course work in Zoology and Zoological Research. Names of candidates are presented to the Committee on Student Selections by the Committee on Honors and Independent Studies.

Bethany Johnson

Olivia McKenna Award - to a graduating senior who demonstrates proficiency in Neurobiology.

To be split between Sacha Sulaiman and Alessandro Mercado


Sophomore/Junior awards:

The Edmund Baermann Scholarship in Natural Sciences - to the student completing the Biology core with the best performance in his/her courses. Candidates are selected from grade sheets for Biology 228 and 229, and examination of transcripts.

Oasheka Chowhury



Sophomore/Junior awards:

The Lindauer Pell award- to the student with good academic standing a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 overall and GPA of 3.5 in major, demonstrating financial need, first generation of their family to attend college. Special consideration, but not limited to students from the Bronx

Adam Mouldi



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