Master's Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements

Thesis Option

Required Courses:
V9100: Colloquium (1 credit each) 2 credits
B9901 Thesis Research 3 credits
B9902 Thesis Research 3 credits

Elective Courses:
Graduate courses in an approved area of specialization 12 credits
Additional elective courses 10 credits
Total Credits for Thesis Option: 30

The thesis option also requires submission and defense of an original, independent and publishable research
project. The details of the project and thesis are to be arranged with a mentor and research committee.

Comprehensive Exam Option

Required Courses:
V9100: Colloquium (1 credit each) 2

Elective Courses*:
Graduate courses in an approved area of specialization 12 credits
Additional elective courses 20 credits

(*May include up to 6 credits of Tutorial or Advanced Study: V9200-V9205)

Total Credits for Thesis Option: 34

The comprehensive exam option requires an exam with both written and oral components. The exam is organized through consultation with the Graduate Studies Committee.4

Guidelines for Master's Degree Comprehensive Exam


Certificate Of Completion
The candidate for the degree is required to have this for completed upon the acceptance of the final draft of the
Master's thesis by his/her thesis mentor (and when required, by the second faculty reader). It is also to be submitted by the candidate, together with three copies of the thesis to the Director of the M.S. Program for the submission to the Dean of Science.


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