M.S. Academic Advising

Questions related to deadlines, forms and procedures your best bet is to direct yourself to one of the following office:

Admissions: Admissions Office, Wille Administration Building, A-101, (212) 650-6977

Registration: Registrar's Office, Wille Administration Building, A-102, (212)650-7850. However, new student should register a Dean Wasler's office.  

Graduation issues: Dean of Graduate Studies, Steinman Hall Room ST-209, (212) 650-8030

Visa issues: International Students Services, North Academic Center, 1/107, (212) 650-8106

Financial Aid:  Financial Aid Office, Wille Administration Building Rm. 104, (212) 650-5819


Please contact the MTM Director or Assistant Director at this link.


Last Updated: 06/28/2024 08:47