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Undergraduate Academic Advising

Biomedical Engineering

Undergraduate Academic Advising

Most questions you will be able to answer in the Frequently Asked Questions.

Questions related to deadlines, forms and procedures your best bet is to direct yourself to one of the following offices:

For further questions specific to the BME program you may contact the BME Undergraduate advisor: Dr. Phillip Payton. Please send all inquiries to

Advisement Process
1. Contact your advisor during office hours or make an appointment for a mutually convenient time via email.  Prior to the advisement meeting, complete the Course and Advisement Form.  Each student must create a schedule for the term and have it available during the advisement meeting.  On the agreed upon date and time, visit your designated advisor.          (See Current Advisement Schedule for more information)
2. When you have completed your advisement meeting and your advisor has signed your Course and Advisement Form, submit the form to Dr. Payton (ST 403A) for removal of registration hold.  Allow up to 48 hours for the removal of the hold.