BME 4+1 Option

We are excited to announce a new (as of 2024!) option that will allow our undergraduate students to earn an Accelerated Master's! We call this the 4+1 option. Students will earn a Bachelor's in BME and Master's in BME in just 5 years.

Degrees:  BE(BME) / MS(BME)

Program Administrator:  Dr. Phillip Payton

Graduate Advisor:  Dr. Bingmei Fu

The below application link is relevant only to students who are currently in the BE in BME undergraduate program. For all others who wish to join the BE in BME program, please apply through the main CUNY Admissions system.

Apply Here!

Option Requirements


Apply during

  • May 15 – June 15 to start in the fall semester
  • Nov 15 – Dec 15 to start in the spring semester

Admissions requirements:

  1. BME major
  2. GPA at least 3.0
  3. GPA at least 3.3 in BME courses numbered 20000 or higher
  4. 60 credits completed by the start of the first semester in the option
  5. Recommendation letters from two BME faculty
  6. Personal statement

Maximum graduate courses that may be counted toward your undergraduate degree (B grade or higher):
12 credits

Graduate Courses

These graduate courses may satisfy undergraduate degree requirements. Please discuss with your faculty advisor to determine your plan.

  • BME i2000, Cell and Tissue Engineering
  • BME i2300, Translational Nanomedicine
  • BME i3000, Neural Engineering and Applied Bioelectricity
  • BME i3110, Biofluid Mechanics
  • BME i4200, Organ Transport and Pharmacokinetics
  • BME i5000, Medical Imaging and Image Processing
  • BME i5100, Biomedical Signal Processing
  • BME i5600, Cell Mechanotransduction
  • BME i6000, Advanced Biomaterials
  • BME i6100, Intellectual Property, Regulation and Quality Assurance
  • BME i6400, Translational Challenges in Diagnostics, Devices and Therapeutics
  • BME i6800, Clinical Immersion & Need Statement Development
  • BME i7000, Laboratory in Cellular and Molecular Engineering
  • BME i7100, Cell and Tissue Mechanics
  • BME i7300, Cell and Tissue Biomaterial Interactions
  • BME i7700, Microfluidic Devices in Biotechnology
  • BME i8000, Bone Physiology and Biomechanics
  • BME i9000, Skeletal Soft Tissue Physiology and Biomechanics
  • BME i9300, Scientific Ethics
  • BME i9400, Special Topics in Machine Learning
  • BME G5200, Advanced Topics in Medical Ultrasound
  • Engr i1100, Introduction to Engineering Analysis
  • Engr i4200, Continuum Mechanics
  • Engr i7500, Poroelasticity

Apply here!

Submit your application here if you are currently a BME @ CCNY undergrad!

Opton Checklist

Please click here to find a checklist for current students

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