Academic Advising

Academic Advising

Questions about the BME Ph.D. admissions process that are not answered on this website or in the Ph.D. Admissions FAQ can be sent to .

If you have questions about the BME Ph.D. academic program or would like to schedule a visit, please contact

  • BME Ph.D. Advisor, Prof. Lucas Parra, Center for Discovery & Innovation CDI-3.318, 212.650.7211,
  • Brian Aguilar Avila, Administrative Specialist, Center for Discovery & Innovation CDI-3.320, 212.650.8426,

The detailed requirements for the CCNY BME Ph.D. degree can be found here. For further information regarding the rules, regulations, and policies related to CCNY/CUNY doctoral students, please contact the GSoE Office of Graduate Affairs, whose staff are listed below:

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs:
Associate Dean Ardie Walser, Steinman Hall Room ST-209, 212.650.8030,

Director of Graduate Affairs:
Belkys Bodre, Steinman Hall Room ST-209, 212.650.8030,

Administrator for Graduate Studies:
Maria Velazquez, Steinman Hall Room ST-209, 212.650.8030,


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