BME Seminar Series

Spring 2024 Seminars

January 31

Introduction, and Yunfei Li, PhD Candidate, CCNY BME Fu Lab

Heparan sulfate modulation affects breast cancer cell adhesion and transmigration across in vitro 2D and 3D blood-brain barrier


February 7

Edward Vessel, PhD, CCNY Psychology

An interactionist approach to the neuroscience of aesthetics

February 14

Weiqiang Chen, PhD, New York University Biomedical Engineering

A ‘Cancer Lab’ on chip: transforms cancer diagnosis and treatment

February 21

Rana Zakerzadeh, PhD, Duquesne University Biomedical Engineering

Modeling approaches to understanding the role of transport in a biological tissue

February 28

Gavin Hsu, PhD Candidate, CCNY BME Parra Lab

Protocol preregistration for reproducible tDCS effects

and Michelle Gelbs, PhD Candidate, CCNY BME Fritton Lab

Mechanical interventions to improve drug uptake and delivery to metastatic breast cancer in bone

March 6

Rachel Surowiec, PhD, IUPUI Biomedical Engineering *via zoom*

Imaging biomarker development to improve fracture prediction in skeletal disease

March 13

Prabodhika Mallikaratchy, PhD, CUNY School of Medicine Molecular, Cellular, & Biomedical Sciences

The development of novel functional nucleic acid materials to elucidate cell receptor activity

March 20

Claus-Peter Richter, MD, PhD, Northwestern Medicine Otolaryngology

Development of cochlear implant devices

March 27

Brian Zeglis, PhD, Hunter College Chemistry

Leveraging click chemistry for better radiopharmaceuticals

April 3

Chris Rylander, PhD, University of Texas at Austin Mechanical Engineering *via zoom*

Medical device design

April 10


Kristin Morgan, PhD, University of Connecticut Biomedical Engineering

Integrating gait biomechanics and musculoskeletal modeling to improve and optimize human movement

April 17

SKT Lecture: Tejal Desai, PhD, Sorensen Family Dean of Engineering at Brown University

Designing nanostructured materials to enhance therapeutic delivery

This special seminar will be in ST-161 with a reception afterwards


April 24

No seminar, Spring Recess

May 1

Miguel Otero, PhD, Hospital for Special Surgery Orthopedic Soft Tissue Program

Joint tissue disruption in osteoarthritis

May 8

Anand Jagota, PhD, Lehigh University Bioengineering

Bioinspired surface structures to control surface mechanical properties: adhesion, friction, and contact compliance

May 15

Stephen Ma, PhD, Merck, Hosted by BME GSA

Materials research and development

All seminars are on Wednesdays 3-4 PM in Steinman ST-402 unless otherwise noted

*Please note, the final 3 seminars of the semester were postponed to the Fall due to a shift to online learning

2023 Fall Seminars

August 30

Welcome and Introduction

Faculty and Students


September 6

Christopher DelRe, PhD, CUNY ASRC Nanoscience Initiative

Threading polymers into pores: borrowing from biology to engineer advanced materials


September 13

Pooja Gaikwad, PhD, CUNY Graduate Center Program in Chemistry

Construction and performance optimization of bioconjugated nanosensors for early detection of breast cancer and pro-inflammatory diseases


September 20

Kristin Myers, PhD, Columbia University Mechanical Engineering

Biomechanics of the female reproductive system


September 27

Shang Wang, PhD, Stevens Institute of Technology Biomedical Engineering

Optical imaging of dynamics and process in mammalian reproduction and development


October 4



October 11

Zhenpeng Qin, PhD, University of Texas at Dallas Mechanical Engineering---via Zoom

Nano-biophotonic tools for neuroscience and brain therapeutics (NanoBrain)


October 18

Inigo Sanz-Pena, PhD, CCNY Mechanical Engineering

Biomimetic wearable assistive devices with embedded sensing capabilities


October 25

Yvonne Lui, MD, New York University School of Medicine Radiology

Our experience and a practical radiologist’s look at deep learning-based accelerated MRI reconstruction


November 1

Matthias Mittner, PhD, University of Tromso Psychology

Can non-invasive brain stimulation change our propensity to mind wander?


November 8


Benjamin W. Zweifach Memorial Lecture: Zahi Fayad, PhD, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Director Biomedical Engineering and Imaging Institute

Clinical imaging approaches in cardiovascular diseases

This special seminar will be in ST-161 with a reception afterwards


November 15

Kevin Costa, PhD, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Cardiology

Multiscale biomechanics and mechanobiology of cardiovascular remodeling

This seminar will be held in ST-161


November 22

No seminar, Thanksgiving break


November 29

Mia Thi, PhD, Albert Einstein College of Medicine Orthopaedic Surgery

Mechanobiology of skeletal tissue


December 6

Nina Lauharatanahirun, PhD, Pennsylvania State University Biomedical Engineering

Computational neuroimaging



All seminars are on Wednesdays 3-4 PM in Steinman ST-402 unless otherwise noted

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