Chemistry Minor

Prof. Sean Boson

Marshak Bldg., Room 1134

Procedure for declaring a minor in Chemistry

  • The student, regardless of the declared major, must meet with the chemistry minor advisor.
  • The advisor must review the requirements of a chemistry minor with the student.
  • The advisor then completes and signs a major card for the student, indicating the Chemistry minor code (150).



Required Courses

Chem 10301: General Chemistry I
Chem 10401: General Chemistry II
Chem 26100: Organic Chemistry I
Chem 26300: Organic Chemistry II
Chem 26200: Organic Laboratory I
and two of the following:

Chem 33000: Physical Chemistry I

Note: Chemical Engineering majors can be exempted from Chem 33000.  They are required to take CHE 34100 (Transport Phenomena 1) and
CHE 34200 (Transport Phenomena 2).
Chem 40600: Environmental Chemistry
or Chem 40700: Environmental Organic Chemistry
Chem 32002: Biochemistry I
Chem 42500: Inorganic Chemistry

Minor Graduation Checklist


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