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Welcome to our "Advising Clinic" where you can find information about degree requirements, minor requirements, forms and degree checklists. This information is important to review before consulting with your advisor. Please email if you do not know who your advisor is. We hope to make your advising process as smooth as possible.

Degree and Residency Requirements

Students must either complete a minimum of 80 credits at CCNY, or complete the last 30 credits of their degree at CCNY. And 60% of the major must be completed in residency at CCNY. (more info)

You can find a list of all our courses in the CCNY 2022-2023 Course Bulletin here

Students at CCNY need 120 credits to graduate. (more info)

Your Major, also called Academic Plan, is 60 credits. (more info)


Students: Before you declare your major, for courses that are not part of your major, pathways courses and transfers, talk to the CCAPP advising office. CCAPP is the City College Academy for Professional Preparation, for Division of Science students. You can arrange appointments with them from their website:

After you have declared your major (academic plan), advising for majors courses and graduation comes from your home department. In our department, an advisor (one of our faculty) will be assigned to you. Your job is to email your advisor to identify yourself and set up a meeting. Not sure who your advisor is? - Check CF/Email the department. You may have an “advising hold’ on CF, meaning you need to see your advisor and get approval before you can register for classes. (CF = CUNYfirst)

Faculty advisors: after your student contacts you, we recommend inviting them to (i) review degree maps; (ii) complete the "Major Course Planner” and registration forms in preparation for the meeting. After meeting, sign the registration form to approve it. The student can keep these forms. Then, you can email Denise Addison, with student name and student EMPLID to let her know that course registration is now permitted.

The Department Edicts: Course Substitutions and Pre/Co-Requisites

Click here to review current Department Policy regarding course substitutions and the situation with pre/co-requisites.

Timeframes to Apply for Graduation for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Time frames for applying for the three degree certification cycles are listed below. Students should apply for graduation through their student center on their CUNYfirst.

Summer (September 1st conferral date) – Usually begins Early April and ends late July.

Fall (January 1st and February 1st conferral date) – Usually begins early August and ends mid October.

Spring (June 1st conferral date) – Usually begins early November and ends late February.


ACS Accreditation: obtain an ACS Approved Bachelors in Chemistry or Biochemistry. Here’s how:


When can I declare my major?

              Students may declare their major after their first semester of study or later. They must meet the requirements listed here.

How can I declare my major?

You can declare your major by completing a Pre-Major Registration Form found under "Forms".

Where can I get more information about my major?

              Find more information here.

How can I find out who my major faculty advisor is?

          Once you have declared your major you should see an advisor assigned to you on your CUNYfirst. You can also email for more information.

How can I make an appointment with my advisor?

          Please email your advisor to set up an appointment.

What do I need to bring to my appointment with my advisor?

          Students should bring their completed major forms to each appointment with their advisor.

I have not declared my major yet. Where can I get advisement?

          The academic advisors in the Division of Science/CCAPP will be able to work with you. Set up an appointment with them here.

Students' Request for Bio 229 or 321 Prerequisite Waiver


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