Chemistry majors you have the unique opportunity to conduct high-level research in the laboratories of our faculty researchers.

Most majors who do research register for a research course for credit.  Others volunteer the time they spend working in the lab.  Together with their faculty mentor, they chose their research topic. Student researchers gain such valuable skills as how to design and conduct experiments, write research reports, and make oral and poster presentations at scientific meetings. 


Chemistry Faculty and Research


Several centers and programs within the Chemistry department and Science Division offer research opportunities to undergraduates. See Research Institutes.

Research Courses



Chem 30100, 30200, 30300
Chemistry majors can graduate "with Honors" by taking all courses of Honors Research, worth 3 credits each. Anyone with a 3.000 GPA or better in their Major subject is eligible.


Chem 31001, 31002, 31003, 31004
The credit values for the Independent Study courses are incremental; i.e., 31001 is 1 credit, 31002 is 2 credits, etc. You may take any combination of credits, with a maximum of 4 per semester, 9 in total. To register, a student must have a GPA of 2.5 or greater in Chemistry.

For complete information on research courses for credit, see the Guidelines for Research Studies.

To register, contact the Chemistry Department's Undergraduate Research Supervisor: Professor Glen Kowach (212) 650-5247.