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Chemistry and Biochemistry


Department Calendar


Biochemistry Seminar: Matthias Buck, "Dynamic protein-protein and protein-membrane complexes: A perspective from molecular dynamics simulations and solution NMR spectroscopy"

Tue Sep 3, 12:00 PM - Tue Sep 3, 1:00 PM

Matthias Buck, Professor, Department of Physiology and Biophysics, Case Western...


Biochemistry Seminar: David A. Case, "MD simulations of total X-ray scattering in protein crystals"

Wed Sep 4, 12:00 PM - Wed Sep 4, 1:00 PM

David A. Case, Distinguished Professor, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology...


Biochemistry Seminar: Allie Obermeyer, "Engineering protein and polyion interactions for cellular applications"

Wed Sep 11, 12:00 PM - Wed Sep 11, 1:00 PM

Allie Obermeyer, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, Columbia...


Biochemistry Seminar: Kumaran Ramamurthi, "Synthetic Bacteria Deliver the Goods"

Wed Sep 18, 12:00 PM - Wed Sep 18, 1:00 PM

Kumaran S. Ramamurthi, Senior Investigator, Laboratory of Molecular Biology, NCI/CCR...