M.S. Biochemistry

Degree Requirements

Biochemistry students earn their M.S. degree after completing a total of 30 credits including all required courses, with a G.P.A. of 3.00 or greater, and no single grade lower than a C. Earning a C grade in some core courses may require retaking the course. Several of the Biochemistry courses are held at the CUNY Graduate School.

Comprehensive Examination

A comprehensive examination is required of all students. A passing grade in either of two comprehensive exams, given following BICM 71010 (January) and BICM 71020 (June). That is, just one complete exam needs to be passed. Each exam has multiple parts. The Comprehensive Exam is the same as the CUNY Biochemistry Ph.D. program First Level Exams, except that material from the BioOrganic course and the Biophysics course need not be passed by CCNY M.S. students.

Application Deadlines:

November 1(for Spring semester start)

May 1 (for Fall semester start)

International students take note:CCNY cannot guarantee 9 credits of MS degree courses offered per semester.


Required Courses

All of the following:
Chem A8005: Biochemistry II
Biology V0005: Molecular Genetics
Physics V3900: Biophysics in applications
BICM 71010: Advanced Biochemistry I*
BICM 71020: Advanced Biochemistry II*
Chem A8905 or BICM 71110: Research Techniques in Biochemistry

Two of the following:
BICM 72010: Basic Seminar in Biochemistry I
BICM 72020: Basic Seminar in Biochemistry II
Chem B9800: Seminar in Biochemistry (1cr.)

Two of the following:
Chem A8000: Journey to the Center of Cell
Chem A8208: RNA Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
BICM 75000: Bioorganic Chemistry
BICM 77000: Physical Biochemistry

*To graduate, one of these two course grades must be B or higher; neither grade can be lower than C. Time to degree is typically two years.

BICM courses are offered through the Biochemistry Program of the Graduate School of the City University of New York.


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