Dean's List FAQ

Dean’s List FAQs

Am I eligible for the Dean’s List?

Students are placed on the Dean's List if for that year they:

  • are enrolled as a full-time undergraduate first-degree student for two consecutive semesters
  • have a 3.2 or above grade point average
  • completed at least 24 credits at City College
  • have no grades other than A, B, C, D, W or P

How do I get on the Dean's List?

Students do not need to apply. The Registrar's Office maintains the List.

Can I get on the Dean’s List every semester?

Students are eligible for the Dean’s List only once a year. For example, if you are placed on the Dean’s List in Fall 2014, you would not be eligible again until Fall 2015.

How do I know if I am on the Dean’s List?

The Registrar generates the Dean’s List after grades are in every semester. Eligible students will receive a ‘Dean's List’ notation on their transcript. Students can view their transcript in the student center on CUNYFirst.

For Further Information

  • Students may contact the Registrar's Office at 212-650-7850 or visit the registrar website
  • Refer to Dean's List in the College Bulletin


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