ILASCWE B.A. Degree Audit

ILASCWE B.A. Degree Audit Application

Please Read Before Continuing: This degree audit application is exclusive to Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts and Sciences B.A. students with 85+ credits; not applicable to Early Childhood Education B.S. students. Please ensure you meet the eligibility criteria before submission. Additionally, note that degree audits are performed only once for each student.


What is a Degree Audit?

A degree audit is an official statement outlining the degree requirements you have met based on your official records. This document will help you plan for the remaining semesters and ensure that you can complete your degree and graduate on time. It also provides an opportunity to address any discrepancies between the official records and your personal records.

Once the audit evaluation is complete, the auditor will email the results to your CCNY email.  When you receive the audit, you must review it.  If you have any questions or issues, contact your academic advisor to discuss. You should then be able to track your progress towards graduation yourself using the audit report and during discussions with your academic advisor each semester.  

Changing your Major?

Students who are changing their major (i.e. B.S. to B.A.) or concentration, must submit a Change of Plan/Subplan Request Form to officially have these changes made on their CUNYfirst record prior to requesting a degree audit.

Degree audits requested during the registration period will NOT be completed until the following semester, after registration is over.  Therefore, if students have any urgent audit questions or need clarification on degree courses needed for the current registration period, they should contact their advisor directly and not wait for the audit.


ILASCWE B.A. Degree Audit Application:

Academic Advisor
Sub Plan/Concentration
Please select one
What semester do you plan to finish all coursework and requirements?
Do you have an Associate"s Degree?
Are you a B.A. Degree candidate?
Did you begin as a B.A. Dregree candidate?