Benny's Food Pantry

Benny's Food Pantry @ CWE

Benny’s Food Pantry is now open at CWE 25 Broadway (located in the Student Lounge). 


CWE Food Pantry


Benny’s is open to anyone in the CWE community—students, faculty, and staff.  It is self-service.

The College first launched Benny's Food Pantry in 2017, and through the ongoing work of Dee Dee Mozeleski, VP of The CCNY Foundation, it has been expanded to our downtown location.  "Benny's" is a way to anchor the tradition of our pantry to the founding mission of our college to "open the doors to all”.

If you're a student, a member of staff, or on the faculty, you are welcome to visit Benny's whenever you or someone you care for is in need.  We want to serve as a resource to anyone who finds themselves in need throughout the year.  You are encouraged to stop by and take what you need for yourself and your family.  The VP and her staff uptown will continue to work hard to ensure the pantry is stocked with a range of non-perishable food items, taking into consideration a wide variety of dietary needs and restrictions of our community.  You are invited to leave us a suggestion of any special needs you would like them to consider when placing new orders.

If you wish to learn more about the college efforts on Benny’s Food Pantry please go to 





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Hours of operation

Hours of operation: 
9am-9:00pm (when classes in session)

9am-6pm (classes not in session)

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