Dominicans 2000

The Dominicans 2000 Collection

Historical Note: Dominicans 2000 was a community-based organization with a focus on education and empowerment of Dominicans in the United States whose formation began through the engagement of concerned and dedicated individuals in the year 1997. Their mission was to seek social, political, and economic advancement of Dominicans in the United States. Ydanis Rodriguez, who was coordinator of the Dominican Youth Union (Unión de Jóvenes Dominicanos or UJD), formed the 15 committees that helped address the concerns that affected Dominicans and helped in organizing the Dominicans 2000 Conference held at the City College of New York. With his experience in the City College of New York Graduate Student Government and his many years of activism, he was able to collaborate with other experienced members until 2008. This organization was able to create and collaborate with programs, clubs, and organizations, such as Pre-University, Summer Youth Program, and Americorps. Most of the Dominicans 2000’s outreach was done in New York City (The City College of New York, Washington Heights, and Harlem) and the Dominican Republic.
Scope and Contents Note: The materials in this collection include grant proposals drafted and sent by Ydanis Rodriguez to organizations and businesses, notes from class observations, photographs of the trips organized in the Dominican Republic and trips done with students from Unión de Jóvenes Dominicanos, minutes and agendas of executive board meetings, emails and faxes to and from Mr. Rodriguez and other members of the organization. There are registration forms and evaluations filled by members and students from Dominicans 2000, Pre-University workshops, conference workshops, etc. Also included are archives of student progress reports, student assignments and activities. There are reading materials and notes from courses taken in college by Mr. Rodriguez and other members involved in the Dominicans 2000 organization. This collection also contains research materials on the youth involved in the programs of the organization and newspaper articles that pertain to the successes of the organization and used in student activities.

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