Dr. Ana Maurine Lara

      CUNY DSI Research Fellow

 Dr. Alai Reyes-Santos
   Dr. Ana Maurine Lara

Dr. Ana Maurine Lara is an academic, creative writer, and poet. She is an Associate Professor of Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies at the University of Oregon. Her scholarly interests include Queerness, Afro-Latinidad, Dominican Mythology, and Religion. Among her publications is Queer Freedom: Black Sovereignty, published by SUNY Press in 2020, which won the 2020 Ruth Benedict Prize for Outstanding Monography of the Association for Queer Anthropologists and the 2021 Gregory Bateson Book Prize of the Society for Cultural Anthropology.

The CUNY DSI award will allow Dr. Reyes-Santos and Dr. Ana Maurine Lara to expand the groundbreaking digital humanities project, “Caribbean Women Healers: Decolonizing Knowledge Within Afro Indigenous traditions”—which showcases interviews with healers, ethnobotanical resources, and curriculum and bibliographical resources—to engage Dominican, Puerto Rican, and Cuban healers and traditional ecological knowledge holders.  During August 2022, both Reyes-Santos and Lara  will host conversations in 11 cities/towns and 17 communities in Florida, Texas, New Mexico, California, and Oregon, documenting the experiences, stories, and traditional ecological knowledge of Caribbean Latino and other peoples in these areas.

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