Persio Feliz

The Persio Feliz Collection

Persio FelizBiographical Note: Persio Feliz was born in Barahona, Dominican Republic and has become a celebrated chef in the gastronomic community nationally and internationally. Recognized as the “Cocinero de los Presidentes” (The Presidents’ Chef). He has served several well-known political figures such as Dr. Joaquín Balaguer, the President of the Dominican Republic  for three non-consecutive terms; Don Antonio Guzmán Fernández, the 46th President of the Dominican Republic, from 1978 to 1982. Also, Dr. Salvador Jorge Blanco, the 48th President of the Dominican Republic, from 1982 to 1986. In addition, to the king and queen of Spain, Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía during their visit to the Dominican Republic in 1987. In May of 1975, Persio Feliz began to work in the Hotel La Hispaniola as an executive chef. The executive chef position allowed him the privilege of working with Mike Mercedes and, many other renowned chefs from all over the Dominican Republic. Persio Feliz then, worked as a chef at El Canario in La Romana, in the Dominican Republic. Further along, Mr. Feliz began to work for the Embassy of Israel in Washington, D.C., in charge of the buffet and soon became the official chef for the Fragata Mella for ten years. 

Persio Feliz participated in the 19th Dominican Gastronomic festival on July 12, 1993. During this festival, he participated in a competition where he won two second place prizes, and one first place prize. Due to his success he received a couple Nestle Food Service Medals, and the opportunity to be the Dominican representative in the Gastronomic festival in Cancún, Mexico; Isla Margarita, Venezuela; Guatemala, Puerto Rico, in the following years. 

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