The Other Border: Battle of the Beaches

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The Other Border: Battle for the Beaches

The Other Border: Battle for the Beaches. Produced by 1a58 Productions. Santo Domingo, 2010. Spanish with English subtitles. 37 Minutes. Color. DVD

This digital documentary by Jennifer and Yohanna Baez explores the contending issue of privatization of public beaches in the Dominican Republic. Over the years, public beaches and natural sanctuaries have been incorporated into the rapidly growing tourist industry, and in the process, transformed people’s lives when fishing villages, biodiversity and local economies are destroyed. Interestingly, the film sheds new light into the origins of the modern private tourist sector by tracing it to the sugar industry multinationals of the 1970s which laid the foundation for the legal and economic framework that paved the way for capitalist expansion into some of the most remote and pristine waters in the world.

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