Trujillo: El poder del jefe III

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Trujillo: El Poder del Jefe III

trujillo-el-poder-del-jefe-III019Trujillo: El Poder del Jefe III. Directed by Rene Fortunato. Santo Domingo, 1996. Spanish. Color; 80 minutes. VHS/DVD 61..

This is the third of the three –part series. Details the most important events happening in the Dominican Republic from August 16, 1952 to November 18, 1961 (when Ramfis Trujillo and his family leave the country). It traces the main events of that period including the trip of Trujillo to Spain, La Feria de la Paz, the Galíndez case, the invasion of June 14, the assassination of the dictator and the faith of those who participated in the plot to kill Trujillo.


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