De Moya Donates Copies of  Áreas Protegidas to Support CUNY DSI Fundraising

NEW YORK, 24 May 2011 -- The CUNY Dominican Studies Institute welcomed Campos S. De Moya, vice president for institutional communications and relations for VICINI, one of the most successful economic enterprises in the Dominican Republic. De Moya met with Institute Director Dr. Ramona Hernández and Chief Librarian Sarah Aponte who gave him a tour of the facilities. He presented the Institute with copies of a first tome on environmental preservation titled Áreas Protegidas de la República Dominicana, Naturaleza en Estado Puro ("Protected Areas of the Dominican Republic: Nature Unspoiled"), published by VICINI and the Pan American Institute of History and Geography of the Organization of American States. 

Areas_Protegidas_Rep_Dom_Naturaleza_2The book, illustrated with stunning photography, is the first scientific overview of the 120 distinct geographic areas in the country’s varied ecosystems that are protected by environmental regulations. The book is the first of two that will be published and covers 59 of the protected areas. The series co-authors are José Manuel Mateo Feliz, an agrarian engineer with more than 25 years working in environmental protection, and Adolfo López Belando an ecologist and environmentalist who specializes in archeology and prehistoric art.

De Moya explained that VICINI undertook the publication of the tome because of its value as both an academic reference book and as a guide for those interested in environmental tourism in the Dominican Republic.

Founded in the 1870s as an import-export business, which in time was vertically integrated through the acquisition of cane fields and sugar mills, today VICINI manages widely diversified businesses in the areas of finance, tourism, construction, the food and beverage, and the automotive industry.