Women of Hope: Latinas abriendo camino

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Women of Hope: Latinas Abriendo Camino

Women of Hope: Latinas Abriendo Camino. Bread and Roses Cultural Project. New York, 1996. English. Color; 29 minutes. VHS 62.

The experience of twelve ground-breaking Latina women: 1. Adriana Ocampo (Colombian-Argentinian, Planetary, Geologist), 2. Antonia Hernández (Chicana Civil Rights Lawyer), 3. Ana Sol Gutierres (Salvadorian Engineer), 4. Miriam Colón (Puertorican, Actress and Director), 5. Dolores Huerta (Chicana Labor Organizer), 6. Julia Alvarez (Dominican Novelist and Poet), 7. Helen Rodriguez-Trias (Puerto Rican Physician), 8. Sandra Cisneros (Chicana Novelist), 9. Amalia Mesa-Bains (Chicana Artist, Critic and Activist), 10. Antonia Pantoja (Puerto Rican Educator and Founder of ASPIRA), 11. Tania León (Cuban Composer and Conductor), 12. Nydia Velázquez (Puerto Rican U.S. Congresswoman).


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