March 13, 2022

Dear Friends, Last Friday, we announced the passing of Simion Zurka, who worked for years in our mail room.  Simion loved his work and treasured his place in our college community.  I know that, in particular, he was part of a closely knit team—co-workers and close, close friends--and the members of that team are shattered by his loss.  In 2021, in recognition of his extraordinary contribution to the maintenance of campus life during the pandemic, Simion was acknowledged as part of the President’s Covid19 Response S.T.A.R. Award. All of us who depended on his work and service… Read More »

March 05, 2022

Dear CUNY Community,  In response to revised guidance issued by the CDC last week, we are lifting the temporary mask mandate that has been in place since August 2021 and required all CUNY students, faculty, staff, and visitors to wear masks inside University campuses, office buildings, classrooms, and other non-enclosed spaces. This policy change, which takes effect on Monday, March 7, follows recent announcements by Governor Hochul and Mayor Adams that ended mask mandates for pre-K through 12th-grade schools across New York State and City.  Anyone who would like to continue… Read More »

February 28, 2022

Dear members of the Campus Community, I write to announce that, with some substantial regret, I’ve approved Vice President Karen Witherspoon’s application for retirement. As the head of CCNY’s Division of Government, Community and Cultural Affairs VP Witherspoon managed a broad and diverse portfolio, ranging from the direction of CCNY’s interactions with elected officials and community institutions to the organization of campus events.  When television and film crews come to our campus to shoot, it reflects the efforts of VP Witherspoon and her team.  Logistical support for a… Read More »

February 03, 2022

Dear Colleagues and Friends, I’m so sad to share the news that our Bursar, Anthony Ricca, has passed away. Anthony was a devoted and beloved member of our campus community, and served us all in the capacity as interim Bursar under exceptionally trying times. During the pandemic in particular, Anthony provided strong personal and moral support to one of the few essential administrative offices that continued to work on site over the duration of these last two years. He was deeply committed to this college, and to the people he worked with. At a time of leadership change and… Read More »

January 28, 2022

I write to update you on space available on campus for connecting to an online class during the Spring semester. The spaces are as follows, with room capacities in parentheses: Library The Tech Center, including STC1 (50), STC2 (35), STC3 (35) The following rooms in NAC   4/148 (20) 4/206 (20) 4/207 (30) Student Cafeteria Please be considerate of your fellow students while using these spaces. Speak quietly, and bring a headset to use for your online class. Remember that a mask is required at all times indoors.

January 20, 2022

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January 19, 2022

Dear Members of the City College Community, I'm writing to invite you to a campus-wide Town Hall via Zoom on Thursday, January 20th at 12:30 pm, focused primarily on campus safety/reopening/and vaccine information. The current health situation is evolving with extreme rapidity, and while we are on track to be substantially more open in the spring as compared to previous semesters, we must all be prepared to shift as external conditions shift. Before the semester gets underway, I wanted to take the opportunity to describe the work we’ve done to make the campus safer and the… Read More »

December 31, 2021

As we come to the end of another long and difficult year, it would be disingenuous not to acknowledge the disappointment and frustration that many of us, myself included, feel at this newest COVID surge. Twice now, in the summer of 2020 and in the early months of this past semester, we have had a brief taste of what a more normal, less fraught life together would feel like, and each time witnessed it recede in the face of a COVID surge. And so it may be tempting at this crossroads to surrender to a creeping sense of near despair. In this specific moment, I want to urge you… Read More »

November 30, 2021

Effective November 17, 2021, CUNY implemented a random testing program for vaccinated employees. Fully vaccinated employees with approved vaccination information in CUNYfirst will be randomly selected to participate in the COVID-19 testing program. Being tested when you are notified is not optional and is necessary in order to obtain campus-wide results each week and thus help keep everyone safe. In any given week, selected individuals will receive an email from with the subject line "Message from City University of New York (CUNY)". This email… Read More »

November 09, 2021

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