Summer Web Registration Information and Instructions

If you are a continuing CCNY or CUNY BA student in good standing and with no outstanding bills or STOPS, you are eligible to register by web. Undergraduate students must have a GPA of 2.0 or above, and graduate students 3.0 or above.

If you are new to City College this summer, you must apply for admission and then you must register in-person during walk-in registration:

To use CUNYfirst, you must have a CUNY Portal account.

You must use the CUNY Portal to access:

  • CUNYfirst
  • Blackboard
  • DegreeWorks

In order to do this, you must activate and use your CCNY email address – the single most important means of communication from the College. You can then register in the CUNY Portal.

When, how long, and how often can I use the system? You may use the web registration system at any time on or after your scheduled appointment day and time; and up to the last day of registration published in the schedule.

Web Registration Instructions

  • Complete the Registration Form.
  • Contact your advisor for approval of your course selections prior to registration.
  • Log in to the CUNY Portal and click on the CUNYfirst link.
  • Read the Welcome Message that appears on the screen for additional information related to registration.
  • Select the Registration option to register for courses.
  • Type in the code number(s) as listed on the registration form that has been signed by your advisor.
  • After you have made all the entries click the SUBMIT button.
  • If there are any problems with your registration, they will be listed on the registration page. (Scroll down on this page to see Web Registration Problem Messages) If this happens, you must see your advisor on campus for assistance in completing your registration.
  • You may view and print your schedule at any time. You may also view and print your unofficial bill and transcript.
  • Review your bill when you have completed your initial registration transaction. Pay particular attention to your due date; the college will cancel your registration if your bill has not been settled by that date.


  • You may pay your bill on CUNYFirst. Click on "view your bill", "pay now" and continue to follow the instructions.
  • You may pay your bill at The Office of the Bursar.


  • Effective Fall 2011, students are no longer required to validate their zero bills. The Office of the Bursar will automatically validate zero bills. Confirmation will be sent to CCNY email addresses.

Note: If you add, drop or make other changes to your initial registration, your due date does NOT change. Please view subsequent revisions on e-Sims. When you have completed your registration, please remember to sign off.

Course is closedThere are no more seats available in the course or section you selected. You may ask the system to search for open sections.
Course is canceledThe course you selected has been canceled by the college.
Time conflictYou have attempted to register for courses that meet during overlapping time periods. You may choose one or the other, but not both.
Maximum limit exceededYou have exceeded the maximum number of credits for the semester.
Course requires permission from the departmentRegistration for this course may not be completed by web and must be done in the department.
The College has placed a STOP on your recordThe system will explain the type of STOP and direct you to the appropriate office to clear it; you will not be able to register until all STOPS on your record have been cleared. (For example, if you have an unpaid bill from a previous semester, you will be directed to the Bursar to pay it before you will be allowed to register.)