Summer 2019 Registration Information for E-Permit Students

City College welcomes CUNY E-Permit students to Summer Session 2019 at City College.  
Apply for an E-Permit class through the CUNYFirst E-Permit System here.


If you are enrolling in a City College class that has pre-requisites, CUNYFirst may not allow you to enroll even if you have the pre-requistes.  For enrollment assistance, please consult the directory below.  In most cases, you can be assisted by phone and do not need to travel to the City College campus.

Colin Powell School

Departments of Anthropology, Economics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology

  • Location: North Academic Center (NAC) 6/293 - Tel. (212) 650-8551

Division of Humanities and the Arts

Departments of Art, Classical and Modern Languages, English, History, Music, Philosophy, Theatre

  • Location: North Academic Center (NAC) 5/225 - Tel. (212) 650-8166

Division of Science

Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Earth and Atmospheric Science, Math, Physics

  • Location: Marshak Plaza - Tel. (212) 650 - 6768 or 5780
  • Office of the Dean of Science, Marshak 1320 - Tel. (212) 650 - 6850 or 6474

Architecture, CUNY School of Medicine, Education, Engineering

Please note that City College professional schools including Architecture, CUNY School of Medicine, Education, and Engineering may not generally approve E-Permit applicants from non-majors.



Students are allowed a maximum of nine credits in the Extended Session and six credits in Session 1 and 2, except in Graduate School of Education, who are limited to six credits per session.  If you wish to extend these limits, you must get the permission of the appropriate Dean prior to registration.