Important Summer Term Reminders

  • Students are allowed a maximum of nine credits in the Extended Session and six credits in Sessions 1 and 2, except in the Graduate School of Education, who are limited to six credits per session. If you wish to extend these limits, you must get the permission of the appropriate Dean prior to registration.
  • Undergraduates may register for graduate courses with the Dean’s approval; pick up the form in the Office of the Registrar, A 102, or at the “I” Desk in NA 1/205.
  • Students must clear all STOPS prior to registration.
  • After the deadline for program changes listed in the academic calendars, students who withdraw from a course due to illness or other emergencies should notify the Registrar’s Office and submit a withdrawal form along with supporting documentation.
  • Matriculated CCNY students wishing to attend the summer session at another college must complete the required Permit process. Consult the Office of the Registrar for instructions or select Apply for e-Permit on the CUNY Portal webpage. E-Permit applies only to courses taken at other CUNY colleges.
  • Final grades are submitted to the Office of the Registrar via a secure internet site called WEBGRADE.  You may view your grades via E-SIMS 24 to 48 hours after your professor has submitted the grades.


All undergraduate and graduate level students must apply for graduation. Graduation is not automatic.

  • Students can apply for graduation via the web.
  • There are three degree conferral dates; September 1, February 1, and late May or early June.
  • If you filed for graduation for a prior semester but did not graduate, you must file again. All temporary grades (INC, PEN) must be resolved prior to graduation, including those assigned in the final semester of attendance. Grades will not be changed after you have been cleared for graduation.
  • You must clear all STOPS by the date of graduation. Failure to clear STOPS will delay the release of your diploma and the processing of your transcript request.
  • If you are an upper division student, you should have a preliminary graduation check in the Dean's Office at least two semesters before you expect to graduate.
  • You must get your final graduation check and certification to graduate from your Dean’s office at the beginning of your final semester.

Note: You must also complete your final graduation check through the appropriate Dean’s office before the end of the semester.