President's Award for Outstanding Faculty Service

City College is committed to serving its students and the greater community in providing high quality education, scholarship, creative activities/initiatives, and service.  The President's Award for Outstanding Faculty Service will highlight and recognize the importance of faculty participation in the governance of the institution and its significant impact on the College and the greater College community.

The President’s Award for Outstanding Faculty Service is an annual award presented to the faculty member whose outstanding service improves the College, its services and/or the greater College community.  This award will recognize faculty who, in addition to excellence in teaching and scholarly/creative work, serve City College and the City College community in a variety of ways.  The intent of the award is to appropriately honor and recognize faculty who demonstrate exceptional service with their contributions to the central mission of the College.  The award will be presented annually to a faculty member on a college-wide basis. Each School or Division will set up a committee to review nominations for the award and make a recommendation to the Dean, Provost and President.

To be eligible for the award, the faculty member must have a minimum of five consecutive years of service with City College. Adjunct faculty may be nominated if they meet the years of service requirement.

Emphasis for consideration will be placed on the following criteria:

  1. Service philosophy that reflects a focus on contributing to improved learning, scholarly or creative activity and college community excellence
  2. Excellence in service to the Department, School/Division and/or the College, including:
    1. Departmental committees and leadership;
    2. School/Division committees and leadership;
    3. College committees and leadership;
    4. Effective new initiatives, programs, courses or organizations;
    5. Mentoring of students;
    6. Providing supervision to students on a volunteer basis;
  3. Excellence in community service, including:
    1. University-wide committee membership and leadership;
    2. Local, state and national committee membership and leadership;
    3. Effective new initiatives, programs, courses or organizations;
    4. Creation of effective service and leadership materials and activities.

Please see nomination procedures linked here.

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