Provost's Outstanding Teaching Award Nomination Procedures

The Outstanding Teaching Award is intended to encourage and celebrate individual excellence in teaching.

  1. Nominations are made through a Faculty/Student Petition. A petition requires a minimum of 6 signatures of which at least 3 must be full-time City College faculty. ONE FACULTY MEMBER MUST IDENTIFY HIMSELF/HERSELF AS THE NOMINATOR. Please see nomination form here.

    Please submit petitions to the Provost’s Office by April 21st at .

  2. The NOMINATOR will provide the nominee’s updated curriculum vitae and supporting documentation by April 21st for the nominee. Supporting documentation may include the following items:

    • Peer evaluation and/or peer letters.
    • Standard CCNY student "teacher evaluation" reports.
    • Letters from past and present students including those solicited for this purpose.
    • Evaluations of published and unpublished textbooks and manuals, if applicable.
    • A Chair's or designee's report that includes an overview of the candidate and his/her outstanding teaching qualities, an overview of the kinds of courses taught with a description of the breadth, range and levels.
    • A description of support systems, techniques or special teaching methods, if applicable.
  3. The Provost’s Faculty Awards Committee will deliberate and select one or more winners. Award winners will be announced in May. The award includes an honorarium.

    CRITERIA considered by the Award Committee have included:

    • Outstanding teaching quality as acknowledged by peers, and current and past students.
    • A significant positive impact on students.
    • The development of innovative and successful teaching methods or techniques, new course initiations, and/or major course revisions.
    • Availability to and support for students beyond regular classroom contact including mentoring relationships with students.
    • The development of quality textbooks, manuals and support materials.
    • Demonstrated versatility over a wide range of levels and subjects.
    • Successful teaching beyond City College (including academic, professional, civic and governmental arenas).

*The committee comprises the Provost and the Deans.

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