Promotion and Tenure

Promotion and tenure actions are governed by the City University of New York Bylaws, the PSC/CUNY collective bargaining agreement, and University and College policies. Below are various guidance and procedures concerning annual reappointments, tenure, and promotion of faculty.

Guidelines and procedures used by the College for considering annual reappointments, tenure, and promotion of faculty.
Policies and Guidelines for Reappointment Tenure and Promotion (CCNY)

CCNY Governance Plan - Article IX as Amended

Schedule for Tenure, CCE, and Promotion Review

Lecturers - No External Evaluation Letters

This statement provides the general criteria for reappointment, tenure and promotion adopted by the CUNY Board of Trustees. No other criteria can be developed or used by academic programs, departments, or divisions for the consideration or personnel actions.
Statement of the Board on Academic Personnel Practice (CUNY)

The Max-Kahn Memorandum (1967) clarifies Appointments and Tenure Procedures for Instructional Staff.
Max-Kahn Memorandum

Revised Pre-Tenure Review Policy (CUNY)

City College format of Curriculum Vitae required for the consideration of all personnel actions.
Curriculum Vitae Form (CCNY)

Formatting Guidelines for Tenure/CCE/Promotion Dossiers


A candidate for the title of Distinguished Professor must receive positive recommendation by the relevant Department, P&B, Faculty Committee on Personnel Matters, Review Committee, the President and the University. 

CUNY Guidelines for the Selection and Review of Distinguished Professors

The performance of all Distinguished Professors is reviewed at the end of every five years. The president will submit the review to the Executive Vice Chancellor and University Provost. 

CCNY Distinguished Professor Nomination Guidelines

Distinguished Professors, Named Chairs, and Named Professors Memo

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