Procedures for New Programs and Curricular Changes

CUNY Procedure for the establishment of new degree programs, undergraduate or graduate, require the submission of a Letter of Intent (LOI) for an initial review.  Once the LOI is approved by CUNY, the College must submit a proposal to CUNY, which must be approved by the relevant departments, divisions, and faculty councils.


Faculty Handbook for the Creation of New Academic Programs 2016


Curricular changes in The College of Liberal Arts and Science

CLAS Faculty Council Guide Book for Curricular Changes

Adding a Minor in CLAS

Curricular changes in one of the categories listed below must be first approved by the relevant Faculty Council and then submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs in the appropriate format.  The templates presented below include two forms - One required by the Faculty Council and one for submission to CUNY.




Chancellor's University Report (CUR) Submission: Revised 9/23/13

For those of you who may not be familiar with the Chancellor's University Report (CUR), it is comparable to an ever evolving CUNY-wide bulletin. Curricular changes that are approved by school or divisional governance need to be submitted to CUNY's Chancellor's University Report. These changes, which appear in the Academic Matters section of the Report, are then approved by the Board of Trustees. Some extensive changes must also go on to Albany for approval. Such changes are usually significant program changes and/or changes related to licensure or accreditation. The CUR is usually reserved for changes to existing programs. If you are proposing an entirely new program we recommend you speak with the Provost for assistance. Published CUR can be found on the CUNY Portal. Once you are logged in, the CUR is located in the top left portion of the page, under "Applications/Resources."This is a memo to inform you of the deadlines and submission process for the Academic Matters portion of the Chancellor's University Report for the rest of the 2012-2013 academic year.

Deadlines for Submitting Academic Matters Items to the Provost's Office for Submission to the Chancellor's Report:


New or Modified Course Submission and Implementation Timetable 
  Jan/Feb 2020 Feb/Mar 2020 Apr/May 2020 June 2020 October 2020 November 2020
Deadline for Faculty to submit to Provost 11/25/2019 1/27/2020 3/13/2020 4/27/2020 8/24/2020 10/9/2020
First Semester in which new courses submitted to this report can be offered Fall 2020 Fall 2020 Spring 2021 Spring 2021 Fall 2021 Fall 2021











Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this necessary? Before any changes to existing programs can be made effective, they must be approved by the CUNY Board of Trustees. They must undergo qualitative reviews and receive approval from appropriate governing bodies at three levels:

  • The College (School or Divisional Approval)
  • The Board of Trustees
  • (In some cases) The New York State Education Department

Who prepares the submission to the Chancellor's University Report?  The Dean's office or department chair usually prepares the documents for submission to the Chancellor's Report. These items are then sent to the Office of the Provost for compilation.

What should be in the document?  A submission to the CUR does not need to be as detailed as the submission to faculty governance. The Academic Affairs webpage has separate forms to fill out for the CUR under the Chancellor's University Report heading. The Guide to Presentation of Items in the Chancellor's University Report may assist you with form and language.The CUNY templates are the only forms that need go to the CUR: Adding a New Course, Changes to Requirements in an Existing Program, Changes in an Existing Course, Course Withdrawn.

How should the document be prepared? The documents should be submitted as a Word document. Sometimes we need to alter the format of submissions, and this is most easily accomplished with a Word document. If we must make minor changes before submission, we will advise the Dean or Department Chair who prepared the item.

To whom do I submit the document? Once the item is completed in using the correct form it should be submitted to Eric Lopez, (copy Mary Ruth Strzeszewki, (N.B. For Pathways-related curricula changes, please see below*). Once a submission for the Chancellor's University Report is received the Provost Office will reply with a confirmation of receipt. If you do not receive one please follow up with a phone call.

The City College deadlines are earlier than the CUNY deadlines for Academic Matters. Why?
The College's Chancellor's University Report must be submitted to CUNY as a single document. This is done by Mr. Helbert Castro, in Human Resources, using a special software system called Stellant. Mr. Castro compiles the Academic Matters (the only section covered in this memo), and submits it along with, but separately from, the Financial Matters section which is prepared by the Office of the Budget. The third section of the CUR, the Human Resources Matters, which is prepared by HR, is generated automatically through submissions into CUNYfirst.

How do I know when the item has been approved? There is some time before a submitted CUR is reviewed, approved and uploaded to the web. When a CUR is successfully accepted by the Board of Trustees, the Provost's Office will inform the pertinent Deans, and Chairs. After approval, Chancellor's University Reports are published on the CUNY Portal. Program change approvals by Albany are communicated to the Offices of the President and the Provost and will then be shared with concerned parties.

What do I do next?

  1. Once a CUR has been uploaded to the CUNY Portal, Mr. Leon Tachauer, the Scheduling Officer (, will input changes from the CUR into SIMS. All course, additions, and changes do cannot be offered until they are inputted into our SIMS system. Please refer to the dates on the table above to see when new courses will be able to be offered.
  2. Change the official (Registrar's) version of the corresponding Four Year Graduation Plan in consultation with Tom Sabia ( The Four Year Graduation Plan may be linked to other sites, for example a department's home page, but no other versions should be publicized.
  3. Change the item anywhere else it is published to be consistent with the version published in the CUR.
  4. Update the item in the next published Bulletin.


Any changes to curricula that are being implemented to be Pathways compliant should be sent to Ms. Vasovic well in advance of the internal deadline ( Due to the volume of changes occasioned by Pathways, Ms. Vasovic has graciously agreed to help in the review of these items before final submission.



Template for Course Withdrawn - November 2012

Template for a New Minor - April 2018


Liberal Arts Designation

If you need assistance in determining if your program or class falls within the Liberal Arts, please refer to this guide.



Preliminary Academic Programs Inventory by College and Academic Program - IRP/Program Code Listing - 2012

All items submitted to the CUR should include the Program (IRP) code that is uniquely assigned to the program in the item. You can find this code in the attached document (Fall 2012 API Report.)

The Program code is aligned to the left of the name of the program.


CUNY Faculty Handbook for Teacher Education Programs

Handbook for Teacher Education Programs


Establishing Research Centers and Institutes

The establishment of research centers and/or institutes is governed by the CUNY policy shown below. Before submitting a proposal to CUNY for the establishment of a new center or institute, the proposal must be approved by the Office of the Provost and by the faculty of the generating academic division/school and the Faculty Senate.

Board Policy on Centers and Institutes