CCNY Graduate Constituent Council

CCNY Graduate Constituent Council

The CCNY Graduate Constituent Council, formed in June 2018, is a College-wide committee of faculty and staff dedicated to strengthening graduate recruitment and graduate student success. Initiatives to date include:

  • Surveyed current master’s program directors on program strengths, needs and enrollment capacity and shared results with senior College leadership.

  • Created and piloted a Master’s Student Exit Survey, now integrated with the CPDI City College Graduating Student Survey

  • Created “Explore Graduate Studies at CCNY,” an ongoing series of events to raise the internal and external visibility of CCNY’s more than 60 graduate programs

  • Partnered with the Spring 2019 MCA Ad/PR Program senior Workshop class to analyze graduate school markets and expand marketing strategies

  • Developed and launched a distinctive Graduate Studies logo in digital media, pins and stickers

  • Created  an “Undergraduate Advisors’ Guide to CCNY Master’s Programs”

  • Collaborated with the CLAS Faculty Council and the City College Faculty Senate to develop implementation guidelines for 4+1 accelerated master’s degree options

  • Created the “Lavender Hearts” designation to honor CCNY undergraduate alumni who have continued at City College for their graduate studies including through a combined or 4+1 degree program. Sent Valentine message of appreciation to current Lavender Hearts in February, 2020.

  • Developed new informational materials for current and prospective students including “Master’s Degree Fast Facts” and “Graduate Financial Aid” (with the CCNY Office of Financial Aid)

  • Surveyed graduate students on social media preferences

  • Created ccnygradstudies social media on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook  highlighting CCNY graduate student and alumni accomplishments, events and community with daily posts

  • Sent holiday card to current graduate students Winter 2019

  • Hosted workshop on Inbound Enrollment Marketing with Direct Development

  • Piloted Graduate Admissions Ambassador program in the Sustainability Program and the Department of Biology

The GCC may be contacted at

CCNY Graduate Constituent Council


Carlos Aguasaco, Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences Department

Jonathan Akeley, Associate Director of the Cybersecurity Master's Program, Grove School of Engineering

Muaad Alody, Assistant Director of the Translational Medicine Program, Grove School of Engineering and CUNY School of Medicine

Claude Brathwaite, Director of Student Resources and Services​, Grove School of Engineering

Belkys Bodre, Director of Graduate Affairs, Grove School of Engineering

Hannah Borgeson, Director of Graduate Affairs, Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture

Jaclyn Churchill, Director of the Physician Assistant Program and Assistant Dean, CUNY School of Medicine

Bobby Derival, Executive Director of the Public Service Management Program, Colin Powell School

Kevin Foster, Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Economics, Colin Powell School

Jeffrey Garanich, Director of the Translational Medicine Program, Grove School of Engineering (and CUNY School of Medine)

Katherine Gloede Silverman, Program Manager, Sustainability and the Urban Environment (Architecture, Engineering, Science, Colin Powell School

Pauline Pabon, Associate Director of  Graduate Admissions

Migen Prifti, Director of Graduate Advising, Division of the Humanities and the Arts

Stacia Pusey, Assistant Dean of Enrollment and Student Services, School of Education

Andrew Ratner, Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Curriculum and Instruction, School of Education

Jason Redman, Special Projects Administrator, Division of Science

Susanna Rosenbaum, Director of MA in Study of the Americas and Associate Professor of Anthropology, Division of Interdisciplinary Studies (CWE) 

Elizabeth Rudolph, Assistant Dean, Division of Science

Christine Stefano, Administrative Coordinator, Biology Department, Division of Science

Mary Ruth Strzeszewski, Acting Senior Associate Provost and Associate Professor of Spanish

Nancy Tag, Director of the BIC MPS Program and Professor of Media and Communication Arts, Division of the Humanities and the Arts

Ardie Walser, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs for Graduate and Undergraduate Studies and Professor of Electrical Engineering, Grove School of Engineering

The City College Provost, Deans and Vice Presidents are members of the GCC ex-officio.

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