Provost's Award for Pedagogical and Curricular Innovation

The Provost's Prize for Pedagogical and Curricular Innovation has been established to recognize individual faculty or faculty teams who have demonstrated significant positive impact on student learning and retention through pedagogical and curricular innovations.

Projects should demonstrate originality and have potential for widespread replication. Project outcomes and impact must be supported by appropriate assessment data.

Awardees will be asked to share their innovations with the broader College community through a lecture and/or demonstration.

Eligibility: The award is open to all CCNY tenured and tenure-track faculty and lecturers.

Nomination procedures:

  1. Nominations are made by a letter from a Dean, Department Chair or Program Director addressed to the Provost. The nominator should describe the innovation and its impact.

    Please submit nominations to the Provost’s Office by April 21st. They may be  sent by email to (Electronic submissions are preferred)

  2. Nominations must be followed up with a portfolio received by April 21st comprising:
    • A Short (2-4 page) description of the planning and implementation of the innovation and its impact.
    • Supporting materials such as examples of teaching/curriculum materials (e.g., portfolio, web links, and video clips); evidence of impact on student learning and attitudes, including letters of support from administrators, faculty and students.

Prize: TBA. If the winning project has been submitted by a faculty team, the prize will be shared equally among the team members.

Award winners will be announced in May.

Members of the Provost's Faculty Awards Committee include the Provost and Deans.

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