Office of Community Engagement

Welcome to the Office of Community Engagement here at The City College of New York!!

Headed by Associate Provost Vanessa K. Valdés, the Office of Community Engagement was created in Summer 2022 with the explicit purpose of highlighting the exciting work taking place in our greater Harlem community, both on campus and off, and  building and strengthening relationships with our neighbors.

Guiding Principles of the CCNY Office of Community Engagement

1. The City College of New York is part of a larger Harlem ecosystem; it is not separate from it.
2. Each member of our community possesses knowledge that is recognized and respected by all.
3. Given the rich expertise that surrounds us, it is necessary to cultivate, build, and strengthen relationships with community members in a manner that is beneficial to our entire Harlem community.
4. The CCNY Office of Community Engagement is grounded in a foundation of collaboration and alliance-building; our partnerships begin from a space of service to our surrounding Harlem community, centering its needs and focused on its empowerment.

Our Initiatives: Harlem 2032

Harlem 2032 is a community-wide initiative, starting on our campus, to imagine a better future with our Harlem community. It builds on the expertise of our larger community and pairs it with existing community-engaged work of City College faculty and staff. The core focus of Harlem 2032 is to strengthen our engagement with our local community around environmental, social, and spatial justice to address the intertwined problems caused by the crises of climate change and inequality. 

To learn more about this initiative, please visit our website, as designed by North Arrow, a mission-driven consultancy, striving to enable changemakers with innovative mapping and communication solutions. They build digital & interactive maps that show nonprofits' problems, solutions, and impact over time. They brought their expertise to Harlem2032 by creating a light website to showcase the work of our community members, and created a map of Harlem's community and health services. 

Our Newsletter

Each month, we highlight events taking place in our community in our newsletter; previously, it has been issued once a month but beginning in November 2023, it will be issued twice a month.

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