Review Committee Minutes - April 3, 2019

Plenary Session: 10:30 am-11:30 pm, Room A-310
Personnel and Budget: 11:30 am -12:30 pm, Room A-201

Present: M. Driscoll, E. Friedman, G. Gebert, D. Jeruzalmi, E. Koch, F. Lam, T. Liss, J. Mercado, V.P. Nair, A. Rich, C. Stewart, T. Scala, M. Strzeszewski, W. Thornton
Excused: G. Barabino, D. Cintrón, S. Rings, K. Ihrer, R. Stark

  1. Approval of the Minutes

    The meeting commenced at 9:35 am. The Minutes of the meeting of March 6, 2019 were approved as submitted.

  2. Personnel Items

    Provost Liss requested the Committee’s approval for the following personnel actions:

    Catalog and Metadata Librarian. Needed to implement new centralized library system which will involve extensive digitizing of print resources and integration of many electronic resources in a single catalog system.

    Financial Aid Scholarships Coordinator.

    The processing of scholarships has moved to Financial Aid from Admissions.

    Early replacement for Sustainability Program Manager.

    Hiring a new program manager a few months before Mr. George Smith’s retirement will facilitate seamless continuity in program administration, and the overlapping salary costs will eventually be absorbed by savings as the position will be filled at a lower salary.

    New Instructional Position in Translational Medicine Program.

    This successful new program plans to double its enrollment this year. The new position is needed to help oversee capstone experiences, and will initially be funded by program seed money from the Grove Foundation.

    HEO Merit Increases.

    Per the Memorandum of Agreement for the 2010-2017 contract, HEO staff may be nominated or self-nominate for a merit increase. Due to budget constraints, nominations presented thus far were tabled by the HEO Screening Committee. In agreement with Labor Relations, the College recently agreed to set aside funding as determined by the Finance Office for one or more merit increases in AY19, for which all tabled nominations and any new ones presented will be considered. Nominations that are not advanced in AY19 will be considered in AY20, following the same process.

    Status of Hiring Freeze.

    Asked whether the hiring freeze will continue into AY20, Provost Liss said this is not yet certain, but hiring is likely to remain restricted. Vacancies created by attrition in AY19 are not eligible for automatic backfill, though positions lost may be funded by new resources from attrition savings in AY20 at the Deans’ discretion.

  3. Middle States Prep

    The Provost reviewed the structure of the upcoming Middle States site visit on April 10 and 11 and key points of the College’s progress toward compliance with Standard VI since the prior team visit as detailed in the Monitoring Report, for which the team will be seeking evidence.

  4. Adjournment of Plenary Committee

    The meeting of the Plenary Committee adjourned at 10:40 am and the meeting of the Personnel Committee commenced.