Review Committee - Minutes June 12, 2018

Review Committee Minutes
June 12, 2018, 9:30 am-11:30 pm, Room A-310

Present: G. Barabino, D. Cintrón, M. Driscoll, D. Jeruzalmi, E. Koch, F. Lam, T. Liss, J. Mercado, V.P. Nair, T. Scala, C. Stewart, M. Strzeszewski, W. Thornton, M. Trevisan, K. Witherspoon, L. Zinnanti

Guests: Eva Medina

Excused: K. Foster, G. Gebert, D. Mozeleski

  1. Comparative Budget Presentation

    Felix Lam presented the budget data deposited in the Review Committee SharePoint site on 6/12/2018, comparing PS headcount and budgets between March 2017 and March 2018. The 2017 budgets are adjusted for projected hiring in Public Safety and Campus Planning and Facilities. Faculty and staff currently on Travia leave are included in current PS base budgets and “hirings” include faculty and staff returning from leaves and employment changes (ie. reclassifications). The PS savings between 3/17 and 3/18 is $1.7M, which is provisionally available for hiring.

  2. Hiring Plan Discussion

    Provost Liss suggested that the focus of the meeting be on the most urgent hiring needs. The hiring plans submitted to date in the academic units include requests for 38 faculty and 22 staff, and some non-academic units have not yet submitted their plans. An arbitrary division of 1.7M into 1M for faculty and 700,000 for staff would allow for approximately 15 new hires in each category. He expressed his hope that this exercise will be a one-time need, and that divisional leaders will have budgets in September to manage independently.

    The Review Committee discussed and informally approved the following urgent hires for recommendation to President Boudreau:

    Financial Aid: 2 Staff
    HR: 1 Reclassification (retention case)
    CWE/Provost’s Office/Study Abroad: 1 Staff (Assistant to HEO)

    In addition, Student Affairs urgently requested two psychologists to be added to the staff. A decision was postponed because Dee Dee Mozeleski, spokesperson for the President’s Office hiring, was unable to attend the meeting.

    It was pointed out that before determining how much of the 1.7M is available for hiring in FY19, all future commitments to faculty or staff not yet on payroll must be accounted for (i.e. searches concluded or approved and in process).

    Review Committee members will be kept apprised of actions recommended by the Review Committee and approved by President Boudreau.

  3. Minutes

    The Minutes of the meeting of May 9, 2018 were approved as submitted.

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