CCNY NSF REU Program Details

Research Projects, Workshops, Faculty Seminars, Activities and Research Areas

This program is designed to provide hands-on laboratory experiences in biology labs doing cutting edge research in biology. DNA and the genes encoded by the DNA are the unifying concepts central to biology. Through this REU program, we immerse students in research programs and summer activities that highlight the diversity of function that small differences in DNA can cause. We emphasize professional development through workshops, career panels, and research seminars. Through field trips, we visit science museums and gardens, where research is performed in non-traditional settings.

Program elements include:  

  • Research projects: Based on application materials, we will match each REU fellow with a research laboratory in which he/she will work on a project for the summer. REU fellows are expected to be active participants of the lab, including participating in lab meetings, during his/her time in the lab.
  • DNA Boot Camp: To immediately immerse the students in a shared experience and prepare them for laboratory research, REU fellows will undergo three half-day training sessions to introduce them to basic skills in the lab and laboratory rules. During the lab exercise, fellows will isolate their own DNA to determine their PTC bitter receptor haplotypes.
  • Weekly Workshops: Each week, we will focus on one aspect of scientific training. Some of the workshop topics are indicated below.
  • Technical Writing Workshops: We will disassociate a scientific paper into its component parts and provide guidance as to how fellows should write their capstone paper.
  • Multi-media presentation skills: Scientific presentations, whether in talks or online, is critical to the dissemination of scientific results. Learn effective ways to communicate to a scientific audience or wider community.
  • Career Workshops: Career opportunities in the biological sciences have been exploding with the advent in biotechnology. Learn about different career paths, including in academia or at biotechnology and pharmaceutical firms, with a B.S. in a STEM field.
  • Faculty Seminars: CCNY faculty will present on various research topics and give students an opportunity to interact and ask questions of the faculty.
  • Capstone Seminar Seminar: All fellows will present their research results to peers and faculty at the end of the program.

Program Information:

The program is 10 weeks long (June 3 to August 9).

Students receive a $5,000 program stipend.

Students receive monthly or weekly MTA passes for travel to and from CCNY.Eligibility Requirements:

Citizen or Permanent Resident of the United States

Currently enrolled at a CUNY community college or CCNY undergraduates who will not graduate before December of the program year.