The Department Edicts: Course Substitutions and Pre/Co-Requisites

Department Edicts. Sometimes the department approves changes to the curriculum but it takes time to reach the CCNY Bulletin, which is why it may appear differently on the CCNY Website, CUNYfirst or DegreeWorks etc. These guidelines help clarify the current position.

1. Organic Chemistry II (CHEM 26300) is no longer a pre-requisite for Biochemistry I (CHEM 32002). You can take Biochem I after Orgo I, but you need to email the department to request permission.

2. Mathematics for Physical Chemistry (CHEM 25000) is a co-requisite for Physical Chemistry I (CHEM 33000) and a pre-requisite for Physical Chemistry II (CHEM 33200).

3. If you’ve taken Calculus III (MATH 21300) you do not need to take Mathematics for Physical Chemistry (CHEM 250000). MATH 213 can substitute for CHEM 250, but you may encounter a few mathematical concepts in the Physical Chemistry sequence that will be new, and you will have to prepare for that.

4. Stay tuned for more updates regarding the curriculum.

Last Updated: 04/28/2021 13:46