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Standard Chemistry

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Standard Chemistry

Prof. John Lombardi

Hours of Advising
Monday and Wednesday: 11am-12pm

Students who chose the Standard Chemistry concentration usually intend to work in government and various industries immediately after graduation. Others apply to graduate school.

Students must take all of the listed chemistry courses in addition to their general education/core requirements and any elective and research courses they choose.

Basic Chemistry
10301: General Chemistry I
10401: General Chemistry II
24300: Quantitative Analysis
26100: Organic Chemistry I
26300: Organic Chemistry II
27200: Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
33000: Physical Chemistry I

Advanced Chemistry
33100; Physical Chemistry Laboratory I
33200: Physical Chemistry II
37400: Organic Chemistry Laboratory II
42500: Inorganic Chemistry
43400: Physical Chemistry and Chemical Instrumentation
Laboratory II
45902: Biochemistry I Lecture

Sample (4-year) Curricula for Standard Chemistry majors

Sample (5-year) Curricula for Standard Chemistry majors



To receive certification, students must earn an additional 8 - 15 credits by taking three M.A. level courses in consultation with the advisor. A portion of the M.A. credits may be substituted with up to 6 credits of Honors Research/Independent Study or a combination of 3 credits of Honors Research/Independent Study and 3 credits of Environmental Chemistry.


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