Undergraduate :  


The CE department accepts a fixed maximum number of freshman and transfer students each year. This limit is based on the numbers of students of CE Department accommodate in the freshman level  CE courses. If the maximum number of students is has been met by the Fall semester of the applicants, the department will not accsept new applicants in the spring semester. Therefore, applicants are encouraged to apply for the the fall semester.

Applicant to the UG program who meet the admission requirements of the CCNY School of engineering of will be ranked according to their academic achievement. The top achieving students are accepted first. Lower achieving students are accepted second up to the CE Department's limit (see above).


Graduate :

Applicants to the MS program are accepted based on the extent to which their undergraduate program has prepared them for the CCNY CE graduate program. Students who do not meet all of the requirements for applicants may be conditionally accepted. if this occurs, thease applicant will be expected to take particular undergraduate level courses in their firs semester at the college before being uncoditionally accepted into the program .
Applicant to the PHD are encouraged to speak with the faculty they are interested in doing research with, to confirm the mutual interest of the faculty in working with the student and the ability of the faculty to provide financial support to the student.
For further details on admission requirements and procedures, please visit the GSOE Admissions page.