Student Activities


The student council was founded in Fall 2019. The goals of the council are: 

  1. To provide a forum for student expression, anonymous or otherwise;
  2. To act as liaisons between the student body and faculty;
  3. To resolve issues facing the student body;
  4. To interact with faculty on matters that affect students, such as curriculum changes; 
  5. To promote good citizenship; and
  6. To foster school spirit and loyalty.

Students are elected to the council for a full academic year.

Students are encouraged to communicate directly with the current council members, who for the 2020-2021 academic year are: 

  • ASCE representative    Ana Radonjic 
  • Concrete Canoe representative     Michael Rivera
  • DFI representative     Luis Abreu 
  • EWB representative     Nicholas Gorton 
  • Chi Epsilon representative     Michael Vera 
  • SEAoNY representative      Muhammad Ahmad
  • General representative      Michael Cheung 
  • General representative      Jose Wu Hung Fung 



Chi Epsilon is the National CE Honor Society. It was founded in 1922, and has initiated over 114,000 members at universities across the United States. Students and professionals are selected to become members based on recognition of their scholarship, character, practicality and sociability, which are considered by Chi Epsilon to be the four primary traits of a successful engineer. Scholarship is determined based on class rank as a junior or senior. Members of Chi Epsilon are highly sought by CE employers. The CCNY Chapter was founded in 1949 and was the 30th to be established. The CCNY Chi Epsilon chapter strives to provide all students with the skills and tools that they need to succeed in their future careers, by providing tutoring, resume and interviewing workshops, seminars, and field trips.



Our student clubs are extremely active. Students of all levels are encouraged to get involved -- you do not need to be a graduating senior to meaningfully contribute to student club activities. Some of the benefits of participation include networking, team building, hands on technical experience and the development of professionalism skills.


Handout describing eboards and activities of the council, Chi Epsilon and the clubs