Environmental Engineering



The Environmental Engineering Laboratory is equipped for experimental evaluation of unit processes and operations in water and wastewater treatment a well as analysis of all physical, chemical and microbiological water quality parameters.


   The experimental facilities include settling columns, suspended and attached growth biological reactors, computer controlled bioreactor for kinetic studies, a bench scale UV chamber a 12 gpm 15 foot bubble contractor for ozone studies complete with ozone generator, gas and liquid phase ozone residual monitors and off-gas destructor, a 1000 ft. pipe loop system for water instability studies, and all conventional experimental devices used in determination of chemical dose requirements. An environmental chamber for temperature controlled experiments is also available.

    The analytical capabilities of the laboratory include gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer with purge/tap, inductive coupled plasma spectrometer (ICP) gas chromatograph with EC and FID detectors, total organic carbon analyzer, ion chromatograph, water quality autoanalyzer, UV-visible double beam spectrophotometer with stopped-flow device, and phase contrast/epifluoresence research microscope. Field monitoring equipment include water quality monitors with multiple probes and fluorometers.