Soil Mechanics

The soils laboratory is housed in the CE Department, and so it is available on any schedule that it is needed. It is primarily used to support CE 34500 Soil Mechanics, and is adequate for attaining the SOs associated with this course.    

The soil Mechanics Laboratory is equipped to perform standard soil tests, such as identification tests, grain size distribution, liquid and plastic limits, standard and modified compaction, hydrometer analysis, uniaxial compression, direct shear, and permeability, as well as sophisticated ones, such as cyclic trixial, cyclic simple shear, and cyclic direct shear tests. A moist room is available for long-term sample storage.

Six experiments are performed in CE 34500 Soil Mechanics:  

(1) particle size distribution analysis

(2) liquid and plastic limit tests

(3) compaction test

(4) seepage test

(5) consolidation test

(6) direct shear test. 

The equipment is adequate to give our students a first view of soil mechanics and geotechnical engineering. Students work in groups to prepare the laboratory tests and reports.



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