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Volunteer Opportunities

Our students truly value learning from the real-life experiences of practicing engineers. Volunteer opportunities include, but are not limited to: 

  • Joining the department’s Alumni Group
  • Organizing internship programs for our students
  • Mentoring students in resume preparation and interview skills
  • Mentoring students in career paths
  • Participating in recruiting events
  • Teaching a semester-long course on your field
  • Giving a lecture to a class or at student club meeting on your work, the field, or some aspect of the profession
  • Serving as a technical advisor to a student chapter of a professional organization

Named Student Scholarships

Providing opportunities for qualified students from underrepresented populations is central to the mission of the Department of Civil Engineering. Scholarships at the undergraduate and graduate (including PhD) levels help our programs to remain competitive and accessible to highly qualified students of all backgrounds. This valuable support can recognize merit and can alleviate reliance on loans, making an engineering education possible for students regardless of their financial situation. Scholarships may be set up as endowments for use in perpetuity or awarded immediately for current assistance to students. 

For a list of the current named scholarships, please see:


Named Endowed Faculty Titles

Our faculty are deeply committed to the college's academic mission of "access and excellence" as well as to advancing the field of engineering in their selected specializations. Named endowed faculty titles are an appreciated way to recognize merit and reward accomplishment. They may be set up as endowments for use in perpetuity or awarded for a set time duration. 


Gifts to the Department

Unrestricted gifts provide critical support to allow the department and its programs to remain competitive and responsive to new demands. Such gifts can support student-driven initiatives such as modernizing program curricula, upgrading facilities, and providing new opportunities outside of the classroom for students to connect with alumni and potential employers.

Gifts may be contributed directly to the department by sending a check to the departmental chairperson (see If you choose to make a contribution to the college online at, please consider restricting your gift to the Department of Civil Engineering to ensure that we receive the support. 

We graciously thank all of our donors, past and present. 

  • The American Society of Civil Engineers Met Section
  • Walter P. Babich
  • Seymour Baumgarten
  • Deep Foundation Institute in honor of Stanley Merjan
  • Daniel Dicker, PhD
  • The Durst Organization
  • John J. Eschmuller, PE
  • Victor Feigelman PE
  • Ben Forsyth
  • The Garfinckles
  • William F. Geyer
  • Clifford Gold
  • Marilyn Goldberg
  • Alvin S. Goodman
  • Professor Hans C. Graber
  • W. W. Grainger Inc.
  • Bernard A. Grand
  • Bernard Haber
  • Greeley & Hansen
  • Gail S. Koster
  • Bertram J. Lewitt
  • Otto W. Maatsch PE
  • Edith and Ernest Maclin
  • Frederick O. McLaughlin
  • The Moles
  • The New York Community Trust
  • Leonard Oster
  • George Papoulas
  • Henry D. Perahia, PE
  • Joseph Pistrang
  • Frances and Edward Plotkin
  • Bruce E. Podwal
  • Bernard Rader
  • Richard Ravitch in honor of James Lammie
  • Vincent T. Ricca
  • Martin H. Rivlin
  • Irwin Robinson
  • Stanley Rosanoff
  • Iris Rothstein
  • Robin Rothstein
  • Eric Seidman
  • Jacob Seidman
  • Kenneth & Larry Shackman
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Norman Tepper
  • Thornton Thomasetti in honor of Daniel Cuoco
  • Thornton Thomasetti in honor of Libero "Lee" Petrella
  • Orsa and Emmanuel Velivasakis
  • Herbert Weinstein
  • Jerome B. White
  • Theodore Wittes

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