Part-time Job Opportunities

Our students benefit from learning "the practice" from licensed practicing engineers. And so, we are always looking for passionate, articulate, and capable part-time instructors to join our faculty. All courses are coordinated by a full time faculty to ensure consistency in content, quality of teaching, and student learning expectations.

If you would like to join our faculty as a part-time instructor, please contact the CE Department Chair Prof. Beth Wittig at for the full syllabus of the course you are interested in teaching or to submit your application.

Applications should include **: 
1) Your resume
2) A 1 page statement describing your teaching experience and your pedagogical philosophy
3) A 1 page statement describing for each course you are interested in teaching: the practical experience you will bring into the classroom, where and when you have taught the course in the past, and student reviews of your teaching of the course
4) The names and contact information of two prior employers (educational or otherwise)
** Faculty who have taught the course in question in the CE Department in the prior 6 years do not need to complete an application; faculty who have taught in the CE Department in the prior 6 years but have not taught the course in question need only complete section 3 of the application.
Current Openings for Fall 2020:
CE 23100: Statics - lecture MO WE 9:30-10:45am, recitation WE 2-3:50pm; lecture MO WE 11-12:15pm, recitation WE 4-5:50pm
Laws of motion and equilibrium. Elements of vector algebra. Equilibrium of rigid bodies. Constraints, and reactions. Equilibrium of machines and hinged frames. Internal forces in trusses and beams. Shear and bending moment diagrams. Analysis of cable systems. Friction. Centroid and centers of gravity. Moments of inertia. Work and virtual work. Stability of equilibrium. Prereq.: PHYS 20700 (min. C grade), CSC 10200; MATH 20200 (min. C grade). 5 hr./wk. 3 lecture, 2 recitation; 3 cr.

CE 44100 Reinforced Concrete: lecture MO WE 11-11:50am, lab MO 2-4:50pm
Principles of reinforced concrete design. Proportioning concrete mixes. Safety factors as influenced by uncertainties in the design and construction processes and as they relate to public safety. Design of singly and doubly reinforced beams, T-beams, and one-way slabs. Cracking, deflection and serviceability criteria. Design of columns subjected to combined axial load and bending. Prereq.: CE 26400, CE 34000. 2 class, 3 design hr./wk.; 3 cr.

Students interested in these opportunities must be enrolled in the CCNY Work-Study program. Applications must be submitted directly to the online Work-Study system. 

Current Openings:
The CE Department is looking for positive, organized, and capable CE students willing to tutor other students in foundational CE courses: CE 231 Statics, CE 332 Mechanics, CE 264 Data Analysis, CE 316 Systems and Decision Analysis. 
Administrative Assistant
The CE Department is looking for positive, organized, people-oriented person to provide basic support to faculty and staff. Duties will include but are not limited to: preparing handouts for meetings, ordering food for meetings, taking meeting minutes, processing payment requests, managing use of the conference room, and greeting people at the front desk.
Assessment Assistant
The CE Department is also looking for a positive, creative and detail-oriented person to provide assistance to the faculty on the CE Assessment Committee. Duties will include but are not limited to: Preparing surveys, entering into Excel data collected from surveys, preparing reports, collecting data from faculty, and keeping track of collected and outstanding data.