Computer Instructional

The PC instructional laboratory is housed in the CE Department, and so it is available on any schedule that it is needed. This laboratory is primarily used to support CE 20900 Structural and Site Plans, CE 26400 CE Data Analysis, CE 33500 Computational Methods in CE, and CE 34000 Structural Analysis. The laboratory contains eighteen workstations for students plus an instructional computer with an LCD projector connection. 

The Department or CCNY has licenses for the software used in these courses (e.g. Matlab, SAP), and the software is loaded onto the computers in advance of the semester. Open source software R and RStudio are also installed in the computers for the CE 26400 CE Data Analysis course which addresses data analysis, probability and statistics. 

To better serve our students, we recently established a second Computer Lab on the second floor (Steinman Hall, Room 207). The new Computer Lab is outfitted with ~46 individual stations, an instructor station, and a projection system including a Smart Board. This lab was being conceived as a “prototype IT project at CCNY” that will feature modern computational capabilities and flexibilities that once tested in this lab may be adopted campus wide. This new lab has all-in-one compact monitors (PC) connected to a server cluster at the IT Facilities in the NAC Building. This structure allows the monitors to serve as terminals but also as regular PCs if needed. The entire operation has been installed and tested by DELL. Initially this system has been used for classroom instruction, but it will be expanded for remote access and even on-line course delivery. This project has been supported by the Office of the Dean of the GSoE and the Office of the President. This lab has been designated as a shared facility for CE and ME, but is primarily for CE use.

Last Updated: 03/10/2020 12:52